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Nature's Nosh

Liza Cohen, founder and owner of Nature?s Nosh, is a one-(wo)man show on a mission to transform the edible cannabis industry. She aims to take an industry previously associated with the “lazy stoner” or junk food and turn it into a space of health, wellness, recovery and healing by pairing the functional ingredients in food with the natural healing power of hemp-derived CBD.

Sample & shop with Liza of Nature’s Nosh, along with 100+ top artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art, at the Chicago Artisan Market at Morgan MFG (401 N. Morgan St., Chicago) on Sunday, July 21, 2019 from 10am-4pm.

Nature’s Nosh makes healthy, delicious “on-the-go” snacks infused with the natural healing powers of hemp-derived CBD. Her dried fruit & nut bites are:

? all-natural
? gluten-free
? dairy-free

Each delicious bite contains 5mg of Colorado-sourced, water-soluble, broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD with no more than eight, all-natural ingredients in each recipe. Nature’s Nosh come in resealable stand-up pouches, with each pouch containing two servings (eight bites total).

Nature’s Nosh CBD is derived from agricultural hemp, which in legal for production and exportation in all 50 states.

Nature's NoshThese deliciously portable, poppable bite-sized snacks are currently available in three flavors:

? Peanut Better and Jolly (PB&J flavor) – The nostalgic taste of peanut butter and jelly without any artificial sweeteners; because everyone needs to feed their inner child.

? In Mint Condition (mint chocolate flavor) – This refreshing combination of cooling mint and smooth dark chocolate, paired with the relaxing effects of CBD, will undoubtedly leave you feeling “In Mint Condition.”

? Oatmeal Risin’ (oatmeal raisin flavor) – This healthy spin on an oatmeal raisin cookie, packed with antioxidants and the pain-fighting powers of CBD, will have you risin? to peak performance.

Research has shown the benefits of CBD are vast, known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, antipsychotic and anticonvulsant properties without any intoxicating or psychoactive side effects. By pairing the natural benefits of CBD with other functional ingredients – dried fruit for energy and digestive support, nuts for protein and antioxidants and honey for heart health – they aim to prove that food itself, is medicine.

Nature's Nosh's Liza CohenLiza’s story:
Liza Cohen grew up in Cincinnati, OH before attending Vanderbilt University. After graduation, she had an unfulfilling career in media buying, before returning to school to follow her true passion: food.

She paid her way through evening classes in the Culinary Arts program at The International Culinary Center in New York City by working in restaurants during the day. Although Liza’s restaurant kitchen experience provided her with unparalleled knowledge about the food industry, her true passion ultimately lay in developing approachable, healthy recipes for the home chef.

After graduating top of the class, she landed her dream job working in the Food Network?s Test Kitchen in Manhattan, and she immediately fell in love with the recipe development industry.

Nature?s Nosh was born in 2017 while vacationing with a friend?s family. On this trip, her friend?s mom would sneak away from her grown kids each morning to smoke THC-free cannabis to reduce her anxiety and pain. From that moment, the idea for Nature?s Nosh was born and her goals was clear:

1. remove the negative stigma associated with cannabis
2. make it more convenient and healthy for people to reap the benefits of this functional ingredient

Liza took what she had learned from the time working in the Food Network’s Test Kitchen to develop the recipes for Nature Nosh’s signature signature all-natural energy bites. Each delicious flavor is designed to bring you back to your childhood while the hemp they contain will physically transport you to those feelings of youthful bliss and vigor.

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