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Food and wine have become an essential part of everyday living. Discover new recipes, wines, spirits, products and resources in Chicago and online.

Shady Dan's Hot Sauce at Chicago Artisan Market

Shady Dan’s Hot Sauce: Chicago-made, Small-batch, Gluten-free

Shady Dan's Hot Sauce, from founder Adam Jakush, is locally-made, vegan hot sauce in three original flavors that vary in heat level. All bring the bold and delicious flavors that...
Carolyn's Krisps at Chicago Aritisan Market (Plant-based cookie crackers)

Carolyn’s Krisps: Plant-based Cookie-cracker Snacks

Carolyn's Krisps, founded by Carolyn's granddaughter Amie Kesler, blend the texture of a cookie with the krisp of a cracker. Deliciously dippable and perfectly pair-able, they are 100% plant-based and...
Breezy Peach

Breezy Peach – Fresh Preserves Made With Locally Sourced Fruits

Breezy Peach from founder Briana Hudson, creates handmade fruit preserves made from naturally sourced fruits. Each jar of preserves delivers a light, airy taste that is perfect for any social gathering...
Foodie Walking Tour River North

Foodie Walking Tour River North

Besides Cubs vs. Sox, Chicagoans passionately debate two other controversies: who makes the best deep-dish pizza and who serves up the best Italian beef sandwiches. The Foodie Walking Tour...
Stir Whisk & Roll - summer themed cookies at Chicago Artisan Market

Stir Whisk and Roll: Fresh-baked and Decorated Cookies

Stacy Hunt, the head baker behind Stir Whisk and Roll, makes fun, seasonal decorated cookies that taste great and look amazing too. All the cookies Stacy bakes are made...
That Rub - Seasonings & Dry Rubs (veggies)

That Rub – Seasoning Blends and Dry Rubs to Elevate your Food

That Rub is the product of husband-and-wife team of Tony and Abbey Cannon.  They create and hand make seasoning blends and dry rubs for cooking meat, fish and veggies. Shop...
Broken English Taco Truck @ Chicago Artisan Market (Ravenswood)

Broken English Taco Pub – Mexican Street Food Favorites

Broken English Taco Pub in Chicago features a mix of traditional and specialty tacos, creative cocktails, and other Mexican street food favorites. Physically, you may be in Chicago, but mentally...
Old Arthur's

Old Arthur’s Barbecue Sauce – 160-Year-Old Family Recipe

Old Arthur's Barbecue Sauce is an American original first crafted by a former slave, Arthur Watts, more than 160 years ago. The recipe and its unique flavor was created...
Hines Brines

Hines Brines – Hand Blended Seasoning and Spice Blends

Hines Brines from Samuel Hines is a company dedicated to providing families with great seasoning and spice blends, that will help elevate you cooking experience. You don’t have to be...
Judy's Cakes & Confections at Chicago Artisan Market (apple pie)

Judy’s Cakes and Confections – Homemade Treats Like Grandma Made

Judy’s Cakes and Confections makes custom, exceptional quality baked goods and confections. Each order is made in small batches by Judy Williams, owner and chief baker, using 100% organic...