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Favorite Products features our favorite products digitally (“Products We Love”) and through our signature VIP Goodie Bags at events.

BNutty Gourmet Peanut Butter

BNutty – Gourmet Flavors that go Beyond Ordinary Peanut Butter

BNutty is hand-ground gourmet peanut butter made in small batches in Portage, IN. Containing zero trans fat, BNutty comes in over ten flavors, with many other limited edition seasonal...
Boxed Water Is Better

Boxed Water Is Better – Pure, Convenient, Sustainable

Boxed Water Is Better is a sustainable water company that offers a better alternative to bottled water, without sacrificing grab-and-go convenience. A pure simple choice to help the planet....
The Guiltless Garden

The Guiltless Garden: Good Nutrition Meets Flavor in Guiltless Guac

Guiltless Guac from The Guiltless Garden is a combination of avocado, vegetables, and beans. At only 160 calories for an entire 8oz container, it has been called the "Halo...
BWC Beauty Without Cruelty

BWC: Beauty Without Cruelty for Skin, Hair & Face

For over 40 years BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty) has been a company with a mission - ethical, cruelty-free products that are made with safe ingredients, are superior in performance...
Bees Knees

Bees Knees Paper Goods: Vintage Inspired Stationery & Paper Goods

Bees Knees Paper Goods from Rachel Liss designs and creates vintage inspired, homespun stationery and unique paper items for anyone who loves and appreciates useful paper goods. They offer...
Drawing a Blank Cards

Drawing A Blank Cards (Not Your Mama’s Greeting Cards)

Noelle Hume, founder of Drawing A Blank Cards, is the artist behind the hand-drawn, snarky, little greeting cards that put your inner thoughts down on paper. Noelle has circled...
P.S. Molly

P.S. Molly – Custom Painted Shoes, Gifts & Wood Signs

P.S. Molly was founded by Molly Schlecht, a Chicago-area graphic designer and artist. Molly specializes in creating one-of-a-kind, hand-painted shoes with logos, customer patterns, mascots and everything in between. We...

Heal Rough, Dry Skin with Yu-Be

Yu-Be (pronounced YOO-BEE) is a highly concentrated glycerin cream enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin B2 and camphor. Here in the office, we can attest to the immediate benefits...
Chicago Comb

Chicago Comb Co. – the World’s Finest Combs

Chicago Comb Co. is the Chicago-based maker of award-winning metal and carbon fiber combs and daily grooming essentials since 2010, from co-founders John Litwinski and Tedd Strom. The iconic...
Smart Postcards

Smart Postcards – Fun, Educational Photo Cards for Children

Welcome to the world of Smart Postcards from Kat Hess, creator of engaging, graphic materials designed to stimulate and entertain preschool children. The delightful photographic images place familiar subjects...