Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Favorite Products features our favorite products digitally (“Products We Love”) and through our signature VIP Goodie Bags at events.

Wallesaka Cianfanelli Chocolatier - Velvet Heart & Chocolates

Walleska Cianfanelli Chocolatier: Premium French Chocolate

Walleska Cianfanelli Chocolatier creates stunning, hand-crafted and hand-painted works of edible art made with French Chocolate. We are so excited to welcome Walleska Cianfanelli Chocolatier to the Chicago Artisan Market on...
Natural Wonders (Teakwood Deer) at Oak Brook Artisan Market

Natural Wonders – Handmade Wood Decor for Home or Garden

Natural Wonders from craftsman Mayolo Haro hand makes wooden art & decor for your home or garden. He hand carves bowls, vases, figurines, tables, chairs, wine holders, and more....
Maia Salsa - Sauteed Mushrooms with Maia Sweet Chilli Sauce

Maia Salsa: Gourmet Mexican Salsas and Marinades

Maia Salsa from Chef Juan and his wife Claudia is a taste of Mexico in a jar with their organic, gourmet salsas and marinades. We're thrilled to welcome Maia Salsa to the...
Honey with Style - Sweet Cyndee Bee's Honey (Chicago Artisan Market)

Honey with Style – Sweet Cyndee’s Bees Award-Winning Gourmet Honey

Honey with Style from Frank Moriarty produces 20+ award-winning, completely natural honey and honey-enhanced food products. We are so excited to have Honey With Style join us at the Chicago Artisan...
Loamly (ceramic planter with knob legs) - Chicago Artisan Market

Loamly – Uniquely Handmade Ceramics

Loamly by artisan Amanda Jean Iverson brings earth inside with her playfully designed and produced ceramic home decor and functional work. Alternative clay bodies and colors found in nature...
NightJar Woodwork - cutting board (Chicago Artisan Market)

Nightjar Woodwork: Handcrafted Charm and Function

Nightjar Woodwork by talented craftsman Fabiel Campos, is a collection of practical, timeless, durable alternative to plastic for every day essentials. From cutting and  charcuterie boards to children’s toys, and...
JoyStar Handmade - dog sweaters

JoyStar Handmade – Cozy Crocheted Dog Sweaters

Candace Crawford, the creative force behind JoyStar Handmade, hand-crotchets dog sweaters for the pup in your life. We're so excited to welcome JoyStar Handmade to the Chicago Artisan Market on Saturday and...
Old Arthur's

Old Arthur’s Barbecue Sauce – 160-Year-Old Family Recipe

Old Arthur's Barbecue Sauce is an American original first crafted by a former slave, Arthur Watts, more than 160 years ago. The recipe and its unique flavor was created...
Kono & Co. jewelry - gold necklaces

Kono & Co. – Customizable, Meaningful Jewelry

Christina Chon's Kono & Co. creates simple, meaningful jewelry with dainty but durable designs, intended for the every day you. Some of the gold-filled collections can be customized, and there...
Etchible - Dry Erase Task Board (Birchwood)

etchible – Laser Etched Dry Erase Pads

Chicago-based etchible is a female-owned and operated small business that makes stylish acrylic and birch ply dry erase boards. Hatched during COVID-19 by two cousins sheltering at home, Etchible succeeds...