Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Home decor is more than a cottage industry in Chicago. The City is home to The Merchandise Mart and the area boasts an abundance of talented interior designers and home furnishing stores and resources.

Catherine Elizabeth - newspaper collage art at Chicago Artisan Market

Catherine Elizabeth – Upcycled Newspaper Collage Art

Catherine Elizabeth is a collage artist who uses only upcycled newspapers for her art. She finds the colors she needs in local newspapers and meticulously hand-cuts, tears and pastes it into...
Ryan's Creations - upcylcled Starbucks re-usable cups (Pride Day)

Ryan’s Creations – Personalized and Re-usable Starbucks Cups

Ryan's Creations is the artistic brain child of fifteen-year-old Ryan Trost - who creates personalized Starbucks cups and other drink ware, as well as personalized cell phone cases and...
Matthew Made Art at Chicago Artisan Market

Matthew Made Art – Whimsical Images of Animals Meets Word Play

Matthew Made Art, the studio named for artist and musician Matthew Hawkins, creates art that combines whimsical images of animals with word play and hand lettering as an expression...
Tabki Design & Printing at Chicago Artisan Market

Tabki Design & Printing – Personalize Everything for you and your Home

Tabki Design & Printing, from Stephanie and Nicholas Schmitt, can help you make almost anything personal, from home decor to apparel. Shop & support Tabki Design & Printing at the...
Inspire Natural Goods - Ocean Breeze

Inspire Natural Goods – Mindfulness Candles for Anxious Millennials

Inspire Natural Goods from Terrell Boykin creates mindfulness candles for anxious millennials. These handcrafted, vegan soy candles are paraben-free, phthalate-free, and free of toxins present on California's Prop 65 list, and...
Smushface Goods (cat bed) at Chicago Artisan Market

SmushFace Goods – Handmade Goods for Cats and Their Human Friends

SmushFace Goods is a Chicago-based, woman-owned business that caters to cats and cat lovers with the creation of handmade knit, crochet and sewn cat toys, pet beds, fabric collars...
Casa'Dell Unknown - exfoliating hand soap at Chicago Artisan Market

Casa dell’Unknown – Luxury Home Fragrances Inspired by Italy

Inspired by Italian grandparents who immigrated to the United States in the 1950s, Casa dell'Unknown - a luxury home fragrance brand of candles and hand soaps with a modern aesthetic...
Pasele Senito (day of the dead flask) at Chicago Artisan Market

¡Pásele Señito! – An Authentic Taste of Mexico in Your Own Home

¡Pásele Señito! is the brain child of two Latina women trying to bring a little piece of Mexico to everyone’s home. They work directly with artisan families who make beautiful...
Handicraft Soul - messenger bags at Chicago Artisan Market

Handicraft Soul – Promoting Social Equality Through Craft

Handicraft Soul partners with artisans and social enterprise groups who create high quality handmade goods in South Africa and beyond to support social change through craft. Shop & support Handicraft...
StalkerFuniStudios (plant pops) at Chicago Artisan Market

StalkerFuniStudios – Zany Plant Pop Art by Funi Daniels

StalkerFuniStudios features the zany art of Funi Daniels in the form of Plant Pops. It’s like a Cake Pop - but inedible and for your plant. Just pop it in...