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Funky and fabulously hip statement jewelry pieces

bobbi kahn

Designer Barb Mason, maker of bobbi kahn design jewelry, creates funky, chunky and fabulously hip statement jewelry pieces that are both fashionable and incredibly versatile.

bobbi kahn design jewelry is made with beads sourced from all over the world. They are meticulously united to form a beautiful balance of color, texture and dimension that make whomever wears it look and feel terrific. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and finished with clasps that start conversations.

We are excited to welcome Barb Mason of bobbi kahn design jewelry to the Chicago Artisan Market on Sunday, March 10, 2019 from 10am-4pm at Morgan MFG (401 N. Morgan St.), where she will join 100+ top artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.

bobbi kahnA piece of bobbi kahn design jewelry looks amazing when worn with jeans or a gown, at work or for play. Regardless of when you wear a piece or what your body type is, each design makes a positive fashion statement for everyone, with an extraordinary combination of color, texture, unusually beautiful stones and ornamentation.

About Barb Mason:
Her career as a jewelry designer started innocently enough – first with the repair of a broken bracelet, then re-purposing some of her late mother?s costume jewelry. Instead of buying new jewelry, Barb recreated the old. Friends and perfect strangers began asking about the jewelry she wore and asked if her work was sold – serendipity stuck and the line was born.

bobbi kahn design jewelry
Chicago, IL
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