The Red Door at Work in Chicago – On Site Services

Book like a boss - convenient weekly on-site services down the hall

The Red Door At Work
Photo courtesy of The Red Door at Work

The Red Door At Work offers manicures, pedicures, massages and hair styling services, including beard trims.

How it works:
? Your HR Manager books a conference room for the service.
? You book, pay and tip online.
? The technicians perform speedy-chic services and clean up afterward.

The Red Door At Work works directly with HR managers to boost employee engagement by scheduling weekly, on-site services that are quick, convenient and affordable. Book and pay online ? your service is just down the hall. The Red Door At Work upholds strict sterilization standards and uses single-use tools. Services start at just $15 and 15 minutes.

Some of The Red Door At Work services offered include:
? Manicures – Starting at just 15 minutes, the manicure services include nail grooming, hand pampering and the perfect polish of your choice. You won’t find a better, faster treatment outside of the office – or a quicker boost of confidence as you climb the corporate ladder.
? Pedicures – The hyper-hygienic dry pedicures are performed in 25 minutes or less ? no need to soak your toes. Whether you prefer a quick cleanup or a spa-like experience, they’ve got a treat for your working feet. Guests are offered foam flip-flops, but you’re always welcome to bring your own.
? Hairstyling – A quick trim can do wonders for your work confidence. The haircut services feature top-notch tools, talented hair stylists and ? perhaps best of all ? proximity to that big presentation you have in 15 minutes. A barber-caliber beard trim with electric clippers is also offered.
? Massage – No time for “you time”? Consider this meeting mandatory. Using kneading and compression techniques, the skilled massage therapist will melt away physical tensions and mental stress – leaving you totally invigorated and ready to take on your three o’clock. A seated massage in our ergonomical chair is performed over your clothing, sans lotions or oils so you can work out the kinks and get back to work.

The Red Door At Work manicure, pedicure and hairstyling services are top-notch and are available in corporate offices and at events. They?ve taken to New York City and Chicago, activating and empowering local technicians to provide exemplary, time-saving services to thousands of employees and clients alike.

They’re also available for private events as a one-stop mobile shop for your beauty and grooming needs!

Now serving the metro Chicago area, you can learn more about and book The Red Door at Work by visiting them online.