Addington Gallery in River North

Addington Gallery
Addington Gallery

Addington Gallery exhibits fine contemporary painting, sculpture and mixed media in a beautiful River North space. They represent ambitious art from emerging and mid-career artists that not only intrigues viewers with its quality and craftsmanship, but also rewards careful, prolonged contemplation.

Despite the diversity of styles and media, the gallery?s artwork is united by a certain timeless quality. The strong ideas, solid execution and striking originality behind each piece assure that this art holds a comfortable staying power that will outlast passing trends. Collectors can be confident that their relationship with this work will grow deeper over time and bring infinite personal rewards.

The gallery features artists who work in a wide range of contemporary styles, subjects, and mediums. The gallery also offers a full range of services, including installation, painting restoration and conservation, framing consultation, and corporate curating.

They work with novice and experienced collectors alike and offers consulting, installation, restoration, conservation, framing and corporate curating services.

All experienced collectors started as beginners; bridge the gap at Addington Gallery, located on Wells St. in the River North gallery district.

Access via the Brown line Chicago Station. Metered street parking available.

Addington Gallery
704 N. Wells St.
Chicago, IL 60610
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