HML Studio – Adding a Modern Touch of Crochet

Breaking the common crochet stereotypes

HML Studio

HML Studio was established by artisan Heidi Mullins Lemieux to update common crochet stereotypes. Heidi offers a modern twist to the art of crochet in every garment and accessory she creates. She remains true to the art form while adding a hint of elegance.

We are excited to welcome HML Studio to’s Resolutions 2020 at the W Chicago – City Center on Friday, January 31, 2020. Shop all the hats and accessories handcrafted with one of the most sustainable yarns that exists.

Instead of using a multitude of colors, HML Studio focuses more on the crochet pattern. In general, Heidi uses no more than one or two colored yarns in her designs to make an authentic, but wearable garment piece.

Alpaca yarn items available from HML Studio at the Chicago Artisan Market:HML Studio
Beanie Hats
Beanret – the merging of the Béret and the Beanie into one hat, which provides both ear coverage and style
Infinity Scarves
Hand Warmers
Jewelry – earrings & necklaces

Currently, most of the modern flare crochet pieces are made out of Alpaca yarn. After visiting an Alpaca farm last summer, Heidi fell in love with both the quality of the yarn and the cuteness of the animal itself. As she dug deeper into the Alpaca world, she discovered that the yarn from Alpaca fleece is one of the most sustainable yarn that exists. Not only is the fleece hypoallergenic, it is also somewhat waterproof and fire resistant. In addition to the Alpaca pieces, HML Studio offers some crochet pieces that are made from non-natural fibers for those who are sensitive to natural fibers.

About Heidi Mullins Lemieux:
Heidi earned her bachelor’s degree in Fashion & Textile Design at The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago in 2010. One of her garments from the 2009 graduating class collection was used extensively for promotional material for the SAIC Nightwalk Fashion Show of 2010. Heidi is originally from Montréal and speaks French fluently. Growing up, she was influenced by the world of the opera and Le Cirque Du Soleil, and these influences inspire her modernized crochet designs.

HML Studio
Chicago, IL
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