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GW Watts

GW Watts Sauce is a four generation, southern family cooking sauce recipe. Along with their signature cooking sauce, Watts Sauce, and their cookbook, Watts Cook’n?, they sell handcrafted cooking food product. All of the products are hand-crafted in a certified kitchen using all wholesome ingredients.

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Some items in the GW Watts product line includes:
? Watts Sauce – The OG, used as a condiment, barbecue sauce, dip, marinade or added onto or into whatever cuisine presently begin prepared. A versatile cooking sauces that displays deep, rich flavors along with a hint of spicy southern flare.
? WAM (Watts Sauce And Mustard) – A unique blend of Watts Sauce and yellow mustard. This product creates a new, higher level of taste in cuisine experiences.
? Sriracha – Available in Original, Signature Bleng, Ghost Pepper, Red Hot and Hottest, made with fresh chili peppers, apple cider vinegar, Watts Sauce, garlic, sugar and salt. The Watts Original Sriracha?s unique chili pepper blend consists of Green Jalapenos and Serrano, Chili de Arbol, and Pablano peppers. Contains no additives or preservatives.
? Bloody Mary Mix – Everything you need in one kit to create the most delicious Bloody Mary – the perfect gift!

Hand-crafted from an old family recipe, Watts Sauce by GW Watts Inc. has evolved into its own brand and identity. Created by Floyd Watts, in the 1930?s on his Kentucky farm, the Watts Sauce was used mainly for barbecuing chicken and pork. Over the past two generations, Grandpa Watts’ recipe has been perfected into its current blend of unique hot peppers, tomatoes, sugar and vinegar. Watts Sauce is an amazing multifaceted sauce, sometimes considered as spicy ketchup when used as a condiment, a dip or spread.

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