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Rita Skarha Art Glass

Rita Skarha, of Rita Skarha Art Glass Studio, designs and creates original, handcrafted functional and decorative fused glass art. The glass in each piece is hand cut and fired in a kiln in order to create a cohesive piece.

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Each Rita Skarha Art Glass Studio piece starts with a design idea, and Rita’s design inspiration can come from just about anywhere – a conversation with a friend about the cupcake fad, colors in a TV commercial, fabric patterns, a flower in a friend?s garden, a bright blue sky framed in autumn leaves – the possibilities are endless. The ideas are then translated into actual designs, either drawn on paper or created electronically.

Rita Skarha Art Glass StudioThe opportunities for creative expression in executing a fused glass design are limitless and the color palette is rich and varied. There are many ways to execute a design and can involve: cutting sheets, rods, or strings of glass into the various shapes in the design, or painting or screen-printing on the glass, or sprinkling very small pieces of glass onto a glass base to create a specific pattern or image.

Regardless of the method of design execution, the piece is fired at least once in a kiln in order to combine the design elements into one connected piece.

Some pieces are fired to a ?full? fuse in which all of the glass is completely melted together, resulting in a smooth flat surface on top. Other pieces are fired to a ?tack? or ?contour? fuse in which the separate glass pieces are permanently attached and the edges may be smoothed/rounded, but not completely melted together. Each piece is conservatively annealed in order to eliminate stress in the glass, ensuring that the piece will last for many years to come.

About Rita Skarha:
Inspired by the world around her, Rita designs and creates fused glass art that is always decorative and usually functional. Having spent nearly 20 years in the corporate world, Rita decided that she needed more joy in her life, so she took a sabbatical … that never ended. The bright, happy colors she uses in her work brings joy and smiles both to her as the artist and to those who collect her art pieces.

Rita Skarha Art Glass Studio
Naperville, IL
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