Z. Bigatti – Luxury Skincare with Purpose

Repair, nourish and protect your skin

Z. Bigatti
Z. Bigatti

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Z. Bigatti is a American-made luxury skincare line with the purpose of caring for the skin by repairing it, nourishing it and protecting it.

Why Z. Bigatti works:
Did you know your skin is comprised of three layers of cells? The top layer is comprised of dry/dead skin.

The second layer is comprised of biologically active/alive skin cells that are often damaged by natural aging processes as well as environmental hazards such as UV exposure and air pollutants.

The third layer is a healthy, fresh and new alive layer of skin cells that are pristine, untouched and undamaged. These are the skin cells of our youth.

These three layers of skin are laid out like a layer of bricks with mortar between the bricks. In order for a skin care product to be effective, it has to be able to do different biological work at each and every layer.

Z. Bigatti uses cold-extraction process and olignutrients nano technology to isolate active ingredients that have a molecule structure small enough to lift and remove the top dead cell layer, penetrate and repair the middle layer and protect the deepest layer. 

The Z. Bigatti line includes:
• Cleaners
• Serums
• Masks
• Balms, Creams & Lotions
• Specialty Treatments

Please visit their website to learn all about the products and where to purchase them.

Z. Bigatti
Z. Bigatti

How it all started:
The Z. Bigatti founder was born and raised in Paris. He watched his family run the many department stores they owned and operated, and his mother had access to anything she wanted to try. However, she was unable to find any one true product that would accomplish all of the goals she had for her skin care, such as repairing, protecting and nourishing.

In thinking about technology, and our ability to put a man on the moon, why were cosmetic companies unable to make a face cream that met the most important skin care needs of the consumer? With this thought, he set out to create the seemingly illusive face cream.

After many years with expert chemists and scientists in the lab, and trips around the world learning about ingredients, he had what he wanted… a face cream that delivered on its promises. Its name was Z. Bigatti Restoration.

Due to consumer demand, many products for many other area of the body have followed, with equal fanfare from retailers, customers and celebrities alike.