Writers Theatre

The era where writer?s names were displayed on billboards is sadly gone with the wind, but the Writers? Theatre in Glencoe is working to make writers as renowned as the actors that interpret their works.

The Writers? Theatre was created in 1992 by Michael Halberstam and Marilyn Campbell and quickly became renowned for its award winning productions and the intimacy of its venues: a bookstore and the Women?s Library Club of Glencoe.

You can expect only excellence from the productions there: this season you will find:

  • The Lion in Winter written by James Goldman and directed by Rick Snyder ? it tells the story of Henry II and Queen Eleanor of England with a more contemporary voice.
  • Nixon?s Nixon written by Russell Lees and directed by Michael Halberstam ? it is an imagined story of what might have happened in the Lincoln sitting room the night before Nixon resigned.
  • Picnic written by William Inge and directed by David Cromer ? it is the story of what happens to a small Kansas town when a young drifter makes his way there.The Writers? Theatre does not merely put on productions though. It publishes a newsmagazine called The Brief Chronicle and through the Literary Development Initiative, plays are commissioned from leading play writes like Brett Neveu and Chay Yew.

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    Writers Theatre
    325 Tudor Court
    Chicago, IL 60022