Susan Larsen Design – Contemporary, Organic Jewelry

Jewelry with a modern, natural feel

Susan Larsen Design

Jewelry from the Susan Larsen Design collection communicates an urban naturalism, with all work designed and handcrafted from sterling, copper, stones, pearls, nuts, wood and glass by Susan Larsen. Lines within the collection convey an identifiable, contemporary, organic feel. and themes include vines and lines, leaves and petals, trees and rock formations.

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Susan describes her work as ?Contemporary Organic Art Jewelry.” It synthesizes the organic and geometric visual elements found in nature as she is inspired and challenged by the seemingly oppositional qualities of these elements.

Susan Larsen DesignThe line includes jewelry reflecting:
? Trees – inspired by the visual elements found in trees
? Rocks & Pebbles – inspired by the shapes and forms of rocks weathered by water
? Open Spaces – inspired by the positive and negative spatial elements found in nature
? Striations – inspired by the ridges, furrows and linear marks found in rock formations
? Vines – inspired by the visual growth habits of climbing and trailing plants
? Petals – inspired by isolated plant fragments in microcosm
? Twigs – inspired by tree branches and twigs
? Under the Surface – inspired by natural elements found
inside and under the surface of the earth

The Susan Larsen Design line is created from naturally derived materials. Starting with sheets of sterling and copper, Susan uses a jeweler?s saw to produce shapes from a distinctive and emblematic repertoire she has developed and refined. Textures, lines and patterns are added to the metal via a variety of fabricating and heat techniques. Sculptural effects are achieved by employing a variety of hammers and forming tools. Depending on the piece, color components such as semi-precious stones, river rocks, pearls, wood and glass are added.

Because the jewelry is functional body adornment, the mechanics of wearability are considered throughout the art making process. All the jewelry is fabricated, formed and soldered by hand by the designer and artist in her studio in the Chicago suburbs.

Susan Larsen Design
Chicago, IL
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