Summer Beauty Tips – Head to Toe


Summer Beauty Tips – Head to Toe

Just when you thought it’s impossible to de scarf, hat and ugg yourself, Chicago sees the sun. But don’t bust out your bikini just yet: during this surreal stretch of weather that makes you wish your office had a sunroof and pina coladas on command, we suggest you take a time-out to prep yourself, top to bottom.  Find head to toe summer beauty tips.

On the shortlist: get your soles sandal ready, your shoulders strapless-shirt sensational, your skin fresh-and-flush friendly. In other words, now is prime time to renew, refresh, revive and re juice your inner and outer beauty. Let help you with summer beauty tips from head to toe:

#1: Massage to make hair lusher
#2: Protect your strands from sun damage
#3: Unearth your skin
#4: Refresh your palette
#5: Get your glow on
#6: Prime your peds

Massage to make hair lusher:

Using the pads of your fingers, massage your scalp daily to boost blood flow, and thus oxygen, to your roots encouraging new, long, lush growth. For a more aggressive approach, try a boar bristle brush like the ones we adore from Mason Pearson, available at Neiman Marcus.
Protect your strands from sun damage:

You already know to slather your bod with SPF, but chances are you’ve been neglecting your tresses. A simple mistake, but one that may cost you some serious shine and softness, warns Amy Abramite, the Creative Director of Maxine Salon. She recommends spritzing strands, roots to tips, with an SPF-packed spray, like Kerastase Voile Protecteur.

Unearth your skin:

The skin covering your body has been through the trenches of winter and deserves some serious TLC, says dermatologist Carolyn Jacob. Schedule a peel at your favorite spa, or treat yourself to an alpha-beta peel at home using Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta? Peel Extra Strength Daily Peel available at Sephora. And speaking of sloughing, your kisser could use a nice polishing as well. We suggest Benefit Lipscription, an exfoliating treatment just for your lips.
Refresh your palette:

Replace deep plums and grey with pretty pastels reminiscent of your favorite bouquet. Try shimmering metallic on lids (note: use a soft hand when applying to avoid an ’80s glam-rock look), soft peach on cheeks and a paler-than-Pepto pink on lips, suggests Becca National Makeup Artist, Lynn Furge, who is based in the Windy City. Try Becca Glossy Lip Tint in Rosita, Eye Tint in Gilt and Soft Touch Blush in Malika, available at Bliss Spa Chicago.
Get your glow on:

Even though basking beachside is totally passe, you can still boast a beautiful radiance that looks as realistic as a direct-from-the-Bahamas brilliance. Fake it fabulously with salon-grade self-tanner, available in the Bronzing Treatment at Spa Space. Although the end result is sun-kissed skin, the process feels more like a spa experience than a fake-and-bake fix, thanks to the full-body pre-exfoliation and massage. According to owner Natalie Tessler, the bronze color is undeniably fresh and fabulous-noting orange or brassy about it.

Prime your peds:

Phone your best gal pal and book a double date for a skin-softening, toe gamifying pedicure. Try one that offers a paraffin portion, which makes soles as soft as silk. (Rave reviews go to Samone Spa Bar.) Then, make sure tips are in-tune with the shades of summer. Our go-to hue enamel: turquoise, that gorgeous green-meets-blue hue; try Sephora Brand Nail Polish in 55.
June 2008