Spark Organics Fruit Chews ? Made in Chicago

Real fruit, unreal flavor

Spark Organics

Chicago-based Spark Organics believes that real fruit makes a difference. Founded by two brothers from Cleveland, Ohio, Spark’s mission is to create the most tasty, flavorful products using high-quality organic ingredients. Their natural fruit chews are bursting with real fruit flavor, loaded with antioxidants and tastes like the real thing… because they are!

Get to know Spark Organics and their products when they are onsite at Resolutions 2019 at the W Chicago ? City Center on Friday, January 18, 2019. Make sure to stop by to sample & buy their real fruit snacks.

Health Benefits:
? Organic fruit in every piece
? Certified Organic & Non-GMO
? Naturally Vegan & Gluten free

Spark Organics makes organic fruit chews made with freeze-dried organic fruits in three varieties.

? Tropical Blend – This Tropical Fruit Blend will transport your taste buds to paradise. Weather you’re at work, the gym or just monkeying around, this blend contains Pineapple, Banana and Mango chew flavors.
? Superfruit Blend – These fruit chews might just be better than the real thing. The Superfruit blend contains Pomegranate, Raspberry and Blueberry chews. These little treats are engineered to give you a spark of energy – when you need it most.
? Classic Blend – The Classic Fruit Blend is basically a banana split in a bag! Ideal for turning a sour day sweet. For the adventurous, combine the different varieties together for a real explosion of flavor in Strawberry, Banana and Peach.

How they started?
Jonathan and Christian wanted to create a fruit snack that they felt comfortable eating. Through their research, they found that most chews tasted more or less the same. It became pretty clear they were up against a lot – a lot of low expectations. Where was the fruit in all these so called fruit snacks?

The goal at Spark Organics is to reclaim quality and flavor of food by using only the highest quality organic ingredients. The fruit snacks are free of corn syrup, GMO?s, gluten, artificial ingredients and are vegan and certified Kosher.

Jonathan and Christian SoondAbout Spark Organics:
Chicago-based Spark Organics was created by brothers Jonathan and Christian Soond. Cleveland born with hearty Midwest roots and a passion for what?s real, these self-proclaimed health enthusiasts are on a mission to put FLAVOR back in FOOD!  Christian Soond is a long-time amateur chef who loves all things fitness. Jonathan Soond – when not getting creative in the kitchen – can be found at the boxing gym.
Together they set out to create real delicious fruit snacks.

For more information visit Spark Organics at their website.

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