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Smart Postcards

Welcome to the world of Smart Postcards from Kat Hess, creator of engaging, graphic materials designed to stimulate and entertain preschool children. The delightful photographic images place familiar subjects in lively and artful graphic compositions.

We?re excited to welcome Smart Postcards back to the Chicago Artisan Market at Morgan MFG (401 N. Morgan St., Chicago) on Sunday, December 1, 2019 (10am-4pm) along with 100 of the Midwest?s finest in food, fashion, home goods + art.

Smart Postcards is dedicated to make good design accessible to preschoolers by seeking the visual essence in the familiar and when feasible, by relating the images to an implied verbal alliteration.

Some Smart Postcard sets include:Smart Postcards
? Alphabet – 26 cards with English text. Images photographed in Chicago.
? Colors – 12 cards with English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese text.
? Flower Colors – 18 cards with English, German, Portuguese, Hindi and Arabic text.
? Counting – 10 cards with English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese text.
? Money – 14 cards of United States coins and a one dollar bill with their value.
? Insects – 12 cards illustrating nine classification orders in entomology.
? Fruits – 20 cards classified by their formations into seven groups.
? Vegetables – 18 cards classified as cultivated edible plants into six groups.

The postcards are printed in Chicago on recycled content cardstock, using a soy-based ink. They are coated on the image side with a gloss finish with black and white text on the reverse matte side. The postcards are pad-bound along the top edge and are removable from a booklet.

The creators believe children enjoy receiving mail in their own name. As a regular event, this fosters self-identity and self-worth. The mailing of a postcard to a preschooler usually provides a common conversation topic and contributes to cultivating a bond between the sender and the recipient. The images serve as flash cards to nurture literacy, comprehension and reasoning. Unexpected graphic images, when coupled to verbal descriptions in multiple languages, introduce children to a global outlook.

The postcards fit perfectly into a standard 4″ x 6″ photo album so children can create a book while collecting the cards in a series.

About the creator, Kat Hess:
Kat began creating postcards with visually interesting graphics when her grandchildren were young. Wanting to be an advocate for their education, it was a way to communicate with two-year-olds in weekly, long-distance phone calls, discussing the postcards that had been sent earlier in the week. Her grandchildren would run to the mail box, looking for the postcards addressed with their names. Wanting to share the educational fun with others, Smart Postcards was born.

Smart Postcards
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