Nathalie Loma – Custom Made Designs

Custom designed & hand tailored for women of all sizes

Nathalie Loma

Nathalie Loma is a Chicago designer with passion and a love for transforming lives through her designs. She believes that every fabric has a voice, and it is her calling to listen and design the right garment for each woman. With an intuitive eye for shape and technique, Nathalie understands the importance of wearing clothes with confidence and has committed to the process of making you the garment that you desire and deserve.

We are happy to have Nathalie Loma onsite at Resolutions 2018 at the W Chicago ? City Center on Friday, January 26, 2018.

Nathalie creates custom made clothing for you and your special event. She offers choices from her own collection and design consultations from your own ideas.

Nathalie Loma Design tailors to women of all ages and sizes. Her mission is to make beautiful, unique designs that fit to the body, and to empower women, making them feel more confident and beautiful.

To learn more about the designer and her collection, please visit her website.

About the designer:
Nathalie Loma was born in the beautiful country of Cameroon. Sadly, two months after her birth, Nathalie?s father passed away. The sudden passing of Nathalie?s father created financial hardships for Nathalie and her mother. To make ends meet, Nathalie?s mother taught herself to sew and became a seamstress and dressmaker specializing in African fabric and special event clothing.

Nathalie grew up watching her mother making beautiful clothes for others while providing for her family. She watched and learned from her Mother and quickly fell in love with fashion.

She moved to the USA in 2006, to study Journalism and Broadcasting. After graduating, she hosted red carpet events, fashion shows and worked as a fashion writer. She quickly realized her love for fashion was embedded in her DNA.

With the passion to become a designer, Nathalie rented a small workroom and spent every working moment designing and sewing her line, and with her Mother as her continued role model and support, Nathalie has been able to overcome life challenges and pursue her dreams.