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Munchy Pops

Enjoy Munchy Pops – Popped Water Lily Seeds, the newest plant-based superfood snack in town from three passionate Chicago-based food entrepreneurs – Korat, Gopani and Savani. Non-GMO and gluten-free, Munchy Pops are made from real and simple ingredients – nothing fake. This snack resembles popcorn, but with 15% fewer calories and without those annoying kernels that get stuck in your teeth.

Sample and shop with Munchy Pops at the Oak Brook Artisan Market at Oakbrook Center on Sat & Sun, July 11-12, 2020. This 2-day outdoor market showcases the Midwest’s finest artisans in fashion, food, home goods + art.

Munchy Pops are different because they are roasted (not fried), have at least 4g of plant-based protein in each bag, and they are free of gluten, soy, nuts and corn.

Munchy PopsMunchy Pops flavors include:
Sweet and Salty – Crushing delicious roasted pop with a cane sugar thrown in. It’s the all-time favorite and with only 60 calories a cup, tip that bag upside down and get after every pop. Let’s face it, is pretty darn amazing.
White Cheddar Cheese – Roasted with real premium cheddar that provides a real cheesy flavor with only 60 calories a cup, and providing the conscience soothing snacking. Crunch it straight out of the bag to your mouth.
Salt and Pepper – Roasted with some salt and a hint of a pepper, just the way you like it. At only 55 calories a cup, it contains a lot of guilt-free goodness … just clean and simple.
Sizzling Peri-Peri – Hot flavor of the traditional African pepper united with this traditional Indian snack in a multicultural embrace. This zingy duet will make you want to move your feet to the beat of the crunch – consider this a delicious warning.
Smoky Barbecue – Sweet and tangy, for summer feels all over your taste buds. This one is made for sharing (but we won’t tell if you keep it for yourself.)

*Cheddar Cheese flavor contains milk ingredients.

Try Munchy Pops in the car, at your office desk, while watching your favorite TV shows or movie, share with friends and colleagues, or anytime, anywhere as a guilt-free and worry-free snack.

To keep it simple, stay honest, use only real and easy to pronounce ingredients, and not settle until it’s something totally, completely, outrageously irresistible.

Munchy Pops
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