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H.arts Henna Artistry

H.arts Henna Artistry, from artist Hajar Cummings, is melting pot of creative art, vision and natural talent. Henna has been treasured for centuries as one of the first vegan, natural dyes used as adornment for the body and hair. H.arts Henna Artistry was inspired by this art form to create unique, intricate designs on decorative items for the home, special events and outdoor ambiance.

We are happy to welcome H.arts Henna Artistry to the Chicago Artisan Market on Sunday, December 2, 2018 at Morgan MFG, where they will be joined 100+ top artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.

H.arts Henna ArtistryBody Art – A natural way to beautify your body, from hands to feet and more. Decorate your beautiful belly with maternity henna sessions. Available for individual, small group, party and fundraising event bookings.
Hand-painted Products – Decorate your home, office or outdoor spaces with their hand-painted products. Whether you are looking to spruce up your vanity, add a new look to your living room décor or add a unique piece to your outdoor living space, they have you covered.
Events & Classes – Learn how to do your own henna or organize a workshop for a group of friends. The workshops are popular with teens and adults.

At H.arts Henna Artistry, they appreciate the ancient traditions of henna body art. Its elegant beauty inspires them everyday and they pride themselves on the precise detailing of their handiwork, which is always stencil-free. They only use henna paste made with organic ingredients.

About the artist:
Since discovering her unique passion for handcrafted art and henna design years ago, Hajar Cummings, sole artist at H.arts Henna Artistry, made the decision to start her at-home business to bring her creativity to life. She is constantly envisioning new places to take her talents while establishing her family of four children in the suburbs of Chicago. The studio has grown beyond its humble beginnings to now show in many art showcases and service customers internationally. She aims to eventually employ other artistic, driven mothers to empower the stereotyped image of the “stay-at-home mom.”

H.arts Henna Artistry
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