Dry Hair Therapy — Treat Hair right

Learn tips from the experts on how to repair your dry, damaged, over-styled hair.


The weather is warming up, yet your hair isn?t quite up for the challenge of some fun in the sun. Although you just walked out of the salon with glowing highlights, your hair is begging for dry hair therapy. 

We recently talked with the stylists at Robert Gold Salon & Spa in Evanston to compile a list of tips to remember when trying to find your ?wow? styleBeat the Heat

Stylists have a long list of Dos and Don?ts for you when it comes to your hair. StyleChicago.com has compiled that list into a few basic facts you should remember when styling your locks of love:

#1: In Deep ? Conditioning Treatments for Dry Hair
#2: All Washed Up ? When to Shampoo
#3: Under Water ? Pre-treating Hair Before the Pool
#4: Blown Away ? Heat Settings on Blow Dryers
#5: Shield Off ? Using Heat Styling Products & Tools
#6: Over Processed ? Hair Coloring & Products

In Deep ? Conditioning Treatments for Dry Hair:

Deep conditioning treatments can really turn your damaged and over processed hair around in a matter of minutes! Robert Gold Salon & Spa offers a dry hair therapy treatment specifically for color treated and chemically straightened hair. The revitalizing conditioner enriches color, rebuilds protein, and prevents fading that will leave your hair with extraordinary shine, silkiness, and suppleness. Restore your hair?s health all while giving it the love and care it deserves.

All Washed Up ? When to Shampoo:

With all the dirt in the air, many people feel that they need to wash their hair daily to get rid of excess oil and grim; however, its really important that you refrain from shampooing your hair everyday, said Ann Gold co-owner of Robert Gold Salon & Spa.

Under Water ? Pre-treating Hair Before the Pool:

Now that the weather has warmed up, people can?t wait to jump into the pool, but before you do, Ann Gold has a tip to help save your color and protect your locks from the chlorine: Damped your hair and put a conditioner on it before you leap off the diving board!

Blown Away ? Heat Settings on Blow Dryers:

Your hair suffers enough from the heat in the summer, so give it a break! When blow drying your hair, do not use high heat. A lower heat setting might take up a few more minutes of your morning routine, but will save you from scheduling excessive haircuts to get rid of all the split ends.

Shield Off ? Using Heat Styling Products & Tools:

When using blow dryers, straightening irons, and curling irons, Ann Gold recommends that you get heat styling products to help protect your hair from high heat settings. This extra coat will just ensure your hair from more damage. It?s also important to always keep heated styling tools in motion. Never let the instrument rest in one spot because it will fry your beautiful tresses.

Over Processed ? Hair Coloring & Products:

Hair coloring may enhance your hair but it can also really hurt it if you aren?t careful with how often you get it done. Be reasonable when setting color appointments, and remember to allow your hair some time to rest. Once you have colored your hair, make sure you use products that are geared toward protecting colored hair. Ann recommends clients look into organic shampoos and conditioners like Phyto Organics.
? June 2008