Chalk Boutique – Evanston

Chalk Boutique - Evanston, IL
Chalk Boutique - Evanston, IL

Chalk Boutique is an upscale women?s clothing & accessories fashion boutique on Prairie Avenue in downtown Evanston that presents both established and emerging fashion designers. Ready-to-wear collections from European and American designers are showcased in a sleek, contemporary space.

Chalk Boutique is designed for the chic Chicago woman who is feminine yet urban, intellectual but equipped with a sense of humor, socially responsible and simultaneously with her finger on the pulse of fashion.

With its modern ensembles, funky shoes and accessories, Chalk?s owners are committed to bringing high style to the Northern suburbs of Chicago.

Designer collections include:
Alberta Ferretti * Balenciaga * Ever * Fiorentini + Baker * Hache * Lana Jewelry * Martin Grant * Matthew Ames * Meredith Wendell * Roberta Furlanetto * Stella McCartney * Susan Woo * The Tow * Vince * 49 Square Miles * 88 Orange * and more!

Chalk Boutique is named after the process of marking fabric (with chalk) where it will be cut and sewn together.

Chalk owners, Carrie Kane and Sharon Watrous, have kept charmingly complex women in mind as they built Chalk?s designer roster. Sensitive to the tensions that drive the modern day woman, Kane and Watrous recognize that their clients appreciate established designers, yet hunger for emerging talent.

Ultimately, Chalk boutique?s client seeks to invest in apparel and accessories that are thoughtful, creative, and above all, extremely beautiful and well-made.

Kane and Watrous believe their selection of women?s clothing & accessories is a good investment for women. Chalk?s owners constantly strive to introduce new fashion lines and supply their boutique with an equal selection between European and American designer labels.

Chalk Boutique is located north suburban Evanston on Prairie Avenue directly north of Central Street and west of Green Bay Road.

Chalk Boutique
2611 Prairie Ave.
Evanston, IL 60201
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