Brevena – Cosmetic Skin Care for Dryness

Built on the science of healthy skin


Try the skincare line at the Brevena table when they are on site at’s Ultimate Girls Night Out at The Drake Hotel in Oak Brook on Thursday, September 14, 2017.

The creation of the Brevena cosmetic skin care products was prompted by strong demand from healthcare professionals, doctors, surgeons and nurses, requesting Macro B Complex for use on their own skin which suffered from the drying effects of frequent hand washing and mask wearing. From the insistent of these medical professionals, Brevena now brings this SAME skin health technology to you in all of our products.

The product line includes:
• Moisturizer
• Overnight Cream
• Foot & Heel Repair
• Hand & Cuticle Balm
• Facial Mask

The products do not contain steroids, fragrances, or dyes which allows the most sensitive or eczema-prone skin types to feel comfortable using them.

These products are the only cosmetic skin care products to have evolved from over 20 years of successful medical use treating traumatized skin with Macro B Complex technology. Befitting its unique position as skin care that evolved from technology used to help burn patients, the name “BREVENA” is a combination of “brennen,” the German word for “burn,” and “Avena,” the genus name for oats.

The line delivers intense hydration and studies have shown improvement in:
• skin texture
• skin elasticity
• skin moisture
• luminosity
• wrinkles

Our bodies are roughly 65% water, so it’s not surprising that moisture plays a critical role in repairing damaged skin.

Over 20 years ago, the team perfected the process of extracting and refining Oat Beta Glucan (Macro B Complex®) to a purity level unrivaled in the health care industry. This technology is now trusted in medial centers around the world to help repair damaged skin.

Uniting advanced medical science and beauty, they are unmatched by any other product in the beauty industry. This powerful technology, known as Macro B Complex, effortlessly repairs dry, aging and environmentally damaged skin. From face to foot, Brevena products are dermatologist tested and provide all skin types with essential hydration for soft, smooth, radiant and healthy skin.