Breaking The Cycle of Unhealthy Relationships

An Alternative Look To Why You Haven't Found Success Breaking Unhealthy


Emotional Distance

Running into trouble with relationships usually occurs for women when they realize they are experiencing an emotionally distant relationship. If they never had an emotional relationship with their father, this leaves women to feel the need to somehow fill this void later in life. More than 24 million daughters and sons in America live in homes without their father, according to the U.S. Census data. However, not understanding nor experiencing an emotional relationship leaves women with “father hunger.” Father hunger is continuing to alter the family structure in the United States. A recent Associated Press poll finds 42 percent of women would consider having a child without a partner.

 Father’s Absence

Unfortunately, with the high divorce rate, pregnancy before marriages, and unplanned pregnancies, men have an absence in the family. Man fathers are found living outside the home of their children, which, in turn reflects a lack of participation from most of those fathers.

Louis-Scott reiterates a fundamental reality that a girl’s first love is her father, and if he has abandoned her, she will find herself in romantic relationships that are similarly unhealthy later in life.

A father in a girl’s life is essential for nurturing a healthy understanding of partnerships.

Tips To Break The Cycle

For women whose fathers have provided a poor example,Louis Scott offers these relationship tips for women who want to break the cycle of unhealthy partner-seeking:


  • Consider your relationship with your father: Ladies, what kind of chemistry do you have with Dad; do you even have a relationship with him? How might this be influencing your romantic decisions? Take an in-depth look at the relationship between you and your father. A painstaking review will help you avoid sabotaging a current or future romantic bond. The first (and probably the hardest thing to do) is to recognize and define the problem, if any.
  • Take time for you: Get up every morning with the thought that you are rebuilding your life. Reward yourself, perhaps with a massage, a good book or a long bike ride. While reflecting in your solitude, think about the role you played in the failure of your relationship. Consider your past relationship mistakes, and be honest. Remember, as long as you make it the other person’s fault you will remain a victim.
  • When you are ready, ease back into new relationships: Take a little longer than you normally would to get to know someone. Enjoy the dates and time spent learning about each other. See your potential partner as they are and not how you want them to be, because when we are in a low place it’s easy to put a high value on a person’s potential. Trying to change a man is a bad idea; relax and enjoy getting to know more about him to decide whether you’re compatible just the way he is.
    The Key

    Success in a romantic relationship requires healthy emotional participation from both parties. Remember these tips to develop a lasting partnership.

    Change in your romantic endeavors must begin with you. Once you understand the love you have and emotional respect you need, you can seek this in your partner.