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10th Avenue Tea

10th Avenue Tea, from the sisters-in-law team of Ann Foley and Morgan Walsh, is an all-natural, eco-friendly tea powder that dissolves instantly in hot or cold water. They offer organic matcha tea powders that are perfect for on-the-go – simply add to a water bottle and enjoy a delicious iced tea in seconds.

We look forward to welcoming 10th Avenue Tea back to the Chicago Artisan Market on Sunday, September 22, 2019 from 10am-4pm at Morgan MFG (401 N. Morgan St.), along with top artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.

10th Avenue Tea Flavors Include:10th Avenue Tea
? Green Matcha – A blend of select organic green teas, the antioxidant rich powder is a bold green color with a silky smooth texture. Add to lemonade for instant green tea lemonade.
? Hibiscus – Made with 100% pure organic Japanese matcha and organic monk fruit that enhances the tart, cranberry-like flavor of the hibiscus flower.
? Chai – A full-bodied black tea mixed with matcha and spices, this fine powder takes on a smokey note with a hint of cardamom, star anise, cinnamon and clove. Makes a delicious instant latte with warm milk and a drop of honey.
? Berry Herbal – Add the nutritional giant superfruit blueberry to the rooibos redbush tea and the result is one powerhouse of drink is smooth and easy to drink.
? Tropical – Incorporating the crisp flavor of mango, kiwi and peach, the fruity aroma will instantly remind you of a tropical paradise.
? Lemon Matcha + Hemp CBD – 100% pure Japanese matcha with tarty sweetness from organic lemon juice and monk fruit extract. CBD is a non-psychoactive/non-THC cannabinoid that is found in industrial hemp.

10th Avenue Tea is available in single-serve packets, 2 oz. recyclable, reusable metal bottle (45 servings) or half-pound resealable bag with measuring scoop (265 servings).

Make it Iced: A refreshing glass of iced green tea matcha is only seconds away with the all-natural, instant matcha tea powder. Simply twist open the cap, put 4-6 shakes of instant matcha powder into your cup, add cold water, and enjoy.

Make it Hot: With the instant matcha tea powder, there?s no need to steep tea bags or fuss with loose-leaf tea. Simply twist open the cap, put 4-6 shakes of the all-natural, instant matcha tea powder into your cup, add hot water, and enjoy.

There is so much more to do with the 10th Avenue Tea matcha powder beyond drinking tea. Check out all the recipes on their website and get creative!

Gone are the days of plastic wrappers over the box of tea. No more inner wrappers, staples and strings. Say goodbye to the tons of tea packaging waste in landfills. Since 10th Avenue Tea comes in a 100% reusable or recyclable container, and the contents dissolve in water, there is absolutely no waste. Add this innovative new product to the fact that tea is an all-natural product from a pesticide-free and renewable source, it easy for customers to continue their healthy habits while on-the-go or traveling. No more soggy tea bags … no more loose tea and strainers … just a simple way to enjoy a healthy cup of tea. No waste. No guilt.

Made in the western suburbs of Chicago at a local coffee roaster, the 10th Avenue Tea organic matcha is sourced from a sustainable region in Japan the Ann and Morgan blend with other ingredients and package it.

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