Zg Gallery, Inc.

Zg Gallery is overseen by Myra Casis and Meg Sheehy, two artists who met in college and turned their creative energies towards representing emerging local and national talent whose energetic art tends to lean towards the eccentric.

Their artists exude color and character, creating an open aesthetic that accommodates the bright streaks of Martina Nehrling and the playful gruesomeness of Gregory Jacobsen.

The gallery shows art in all media, including painting, works on paper, sculpture, photography, installation and video. In fact, Zg is one of the few River North galleries that delights in installation pieces, a feature visitors can look forward to in most of the gallery’s shows.

Overall, the directors value art that is authentic, honest, worldly, and brave ? four adjectives that also describe the gallery itself.

Stop by the gallery space today for playful yet intelligent artwork that is continually teasing the boundaries of modern art. Shows rotate regularly, but if you missed an exhibition, catch its second run in the office space.

Located on the lower floor of 300 W. Superior Street. Parking available on street. Additional access via the Brown line Chicago Station.

Zg Gallery, Inc.
300 W. Superior St.
Chicago, IL 60610