VARYFORM – Contemporary Womenswear


Meet & shop with Chicago-based VARYFORM Design by Masha Titievsky at her FashionChicago pop-up shop at’s 16th season of The Art of Fashion (Runway Show) presented by Cadillac on Thursday, October 19, 2017.

VARYFORM is a bold and sophisticated contemporary womenswear line designed by Masha Titievsky in Chicago, IL. The name is derived from the Vary Form Curve Rule, a contoured fashion pattern drafting tool that gets steeper gradually. VARYFORM expresses change over time and the transformative nature of clothing.

Aesthetically, Masha is strongly influenced by natural phenomena such as plant growth patterns, wave movement, the structure of crystals, and the reflective surfaces of water and glass. Her designs transform these natural elements into special staples with a sense of glamour.

VARYFORM offers designs that are both made-to-order and wholesale. Please visit their website to learn more. The designs can also be purchased at Mod + Ethico boutique and at the Nineteenth Amendment website.

About the designer:
Masha Titievsky is a Chicago-based womanswear designer. She was formerly a Designer in Residence at the Chicago Fashion Incubator at Macy’s on State Street. She is currently working independently at Positive Space Studios in Logan Square. 

Nina Garcia (Elle Magazine editor-in-chief) called VARYFORM’s design the “perfect little black dress” and was called one of the 10 Chicago-based fashion designers to watch out for.