Tania Rodamilans Jewelry

Works of art: beautiful, wearable, everyday

Tania Rodamilans Jewelry

The Barcelona-born Tania Rodamilans of Tania Rodamilans jewelry produces unique statement pieces known for an eclectic, boho chic style. Each piece is produced in Chicago from high-quality handpicked materials with versatility in mind. Her artful work is equal parts elegant and whimsy.

Tania puts care and attention into wearability, because women shouldn?t need an occasion to make a statement. 

What to expect?

? Quality has to be exceptional. Tania is extremely selective when it comes to the materials she sources.

? Style has to be unique. This isn?t about being obscure, but about designing pieces and collections that have stories behind them. Tania wants women to connect with the story of each piece that captures their eye.

? Multi-functionality is the art of form. Some of the pieces she designs can transform to be worn long or short or anything in between. Many are specifically designed with the ability to layer with other pieces. Tania feels it?s important for fashion to flex to fit how women live.

Tania Rodamilans has two collections:Tania Rodamilans

? The Carmie collection – a form of chain maille, where each piece is manually crafted by using chain links and jump rings to form the shape of the pendants.

? Lucky U collection – using a combination of hand soldering and casting, the core pieces are hand soldered in brass and copper. Some of the larger pieces of the final design are then casted in other materials such as sterling silver, bronze and gold. Each piece is hand-filed, polished and often soldered to other pieces or wire wrapped to create the final design.

We are excited to be featuring Tania Rodamilans along with 100+ of Chicago?s finest artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art at the Chicago Artisan Market at Morgan Manufacturing (401 N. Morgan St., Chicago) on Sunday, December 2, 2018 from 10am-4pm. 

Fascinated by raw materials, Tania RodamilansTania Rodamilans
likes to work with stones and organic materials of various texture and color. She prefers uneven surfaces and interesting shapes because their imperfections make them unique.

Originally from Barcelona, Tania Rodamilans lives in Chicago where she creates original work in her studio, as well as collaborating on a range of projects with other artists.

Please visit the Tania Rodamilans website to learn more about her jewelry.

Chicago Artisan Market at Morgan Manufacturing