Tampax Radiant


You can outsmart Mother Nature when she brings you your monthly gift with help from Tampax Radiant.

The newest line of Tampax features their best-ever leak guard (stopping leaks for up to 8 hours – even at night) to give you an ultimate protection experience like never before.

Tampax Radiant also features a unique, one-of-a-kind resealable wrapper that is softer and quieter than before, allowing for discrete disposal.

Tampax Radiant’s plastic application is available in full size or compak and ranges in absorbency levels from regular to super plus.

About Tampax:
Tampax tampons provide great protection by helping to absorb fluid inside your body so no one has to know you’re having your period. They come in different sizes (absorbencies) to use, depending on your flow. They also have different applicators ? some are cardboard, some are plastic, and some are compact ? and all of them fit discreetly in your purse.

Tampax products can be purchased online or at your local drugstore.

For more information, please visit Tampax online.

Tampax Radiant


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