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Stars & Stripes Collective

Stars & Stripes Collective, founded in 2013 by Jennifer and Stephen Imig, is proud to offer a mindfully curated, refined collection of unique women’s and men’s clothing, accessories and home goods, all made by your fellow Americans. Stars & Stripes Collective desires to help educate consumers about knowing where their clothes are made and the many reasons why it matters.

Visit and shop with Stars & Stripes Collective at’s Resolutions 2020 at the W Chicago – City Center on Friday, January 31, 2020. Shop American-made for unique offerings while supporting our local economy.

The American-made collection includes:
Stars & Stripes CollectiveWomen – Apparel, Coats & Jackets, Hats, Bags, Jewelry
Men – Apparel, Outerwear, Shoes, Ties & Bow Ties, Belts, Wallets, Hats
Home Decor – Bags, Candles, Throws, Pillows, Kitchen & Bar, Pennants
Pet – Toys, Leashes, Apparel

In 2011, husband and wife team Stephen and Jennifer gave themselves a personal challenge: to buy only American-made products for a few months. It made them realize how little the USA manufactured and how greatly it has affected the economy, small businesses and fellow Americans.

“Why can’t manufacturing be revitalized in America and why not start a trend that makes others want be aware of where their clothes are made?” This thought led to the birth of Stars & Stripes Collective.

Their quest for American-made fashion has led them to unique businesses who design and manufacture superb clothing and accessories right here in the USA. Almost all of the brands Stars & Stripes Collective endorse have been purchased and worn by Stephen and Jennifer so they can personally vouch for their quality and wearability. They are proud to provide a place where everything is Made in the USA.

Stephen and Jennifer love fashion, they love shopping and they love America. They want to know that the money they continually invest in their wardrobe is supporting a good cause and breathing life back into our country’s economy.

Stars & Stripes Collective
Sister Bay, WI
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