Spring Sale: Only She Boutique in Oak Park

Only She - 115 Oak Park Ave., Oak Park, IL 60301

Spring Sale: Only She boutique - Oak Park | designer: Maliparmi (Italy)

Head to Only She boutique this week in the “Hemingway” district of downtown Oak Park on Oak Park Ave. for their Spring Sale.  Longtime owner Terri Vizzone has a truly amazing eye for fashion and global talent. Terri has been serving up sophisticated clothing and accessories from independent designers – for independent Chicago women – for over 20 years, originally in the Gold Coast and now in Oak Park.

Featured designers sold at Only She boutique:
? Alembika
? Planet by Lauren G
? Maliparmi

Other Designer Brands:
Aratta * Basil * Breakfast in Tokyo * Blue Pacific * Bryn Walker * Christopher Calvin * Caite * Comfy * Cut Loose * Curio * Dressori * Etage * FH Clothing * Ingrid Munt * Jakett * Juana De Arco * JAG Jeans * Krazy Larry * Made * MOHOP * Mao Mam * Niche * Pia Rossini * PJ Salvage * Sun Kim * Renee * Tulip * V-Italia * Clara Sunwoo * Sisters

All sales final. No returns. No alterations.

The Only She mission:
? To curate modern design collections that display sophistication yet provide function and individuality; an edited tribute to the visual imagery of today?s designers.
? To provide an inspired shopping experience; a relaxed retreat in a fast world ? an intimate retail space dedicated to women with an original mindset.

The Only She vision:
? To encourage women to realize that fashion is a glimpse into their personal style aesthetic.
? To motivate women to define and refresh their sense of self. To embrace the qualities that make them special.
? To inspire women to move beyond their fashion boundaries; to live a fashion life full of passion and intent.

The soul of any store is the essence of what that store represents. Only She is a haven for women to express their inner beauty by creating their own unique outer beauty.

Style is not dictated by current trends ? rather, it is an inherent part of every woman?s being. Her outside appearance is merely a reflection of her inner beauty? a quality of imagination and individuality expressed through one?s own tastes.

To learn more about Only She, please visit their website.

Only She
115 N. Oak Park Ave.
Oak Park, IL 60301
View Website

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