SoundSkin Micro-dermabrasion Equipment


SoundSkin is a preferred vendor for advanced and affordable micro-dermabrasion equipment.

Soften and rejuvenate all skin types with our patented “Air Mist” technology. This SMART technology allows precise control over the amount of crystal needed for a specific treatment to help achieve the desired outcome.

SmartPeel Microdermabrasion System Benefits:

  • Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles around mouth, neck and eyes
  • Reduces blemishes and open pores
  • Improves ingrown hairs, razor rash, and acne scarring
  • Red LED’s help to reduce inflammation
  • Blue LED’s are antibacterial and work to correct skin problems

And now introducing the SmartPeel Crystal Free System with 9 hand pieces for clients preferring crystal free treatments over crystal.
Soundskin is a leading distributor focusing on new advancements in health and beauty technology. The products include SmartPeel 3-in-1 Spa System, SmartPeel Crystal Free System and more.

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