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A soap perfect for a day at the beach!

Bar soaps, bath bombs and lip balms made from scratch using high-quality, premium oils creating luxurious and skin-loving products is what you’ll find at The Soap.Bar. Because owner-artisan Chelsea Medic is very eco-conscious, all The Soap.Bar products are vegan, palm free, plastic free and phthalate free.

Shop and support The Soap.Bar at the Chicago Artisan Market in Fulton Market on Sunday, October 17, 2021 at Morgan MFG (401 N. Morgan St., Chicago). Discover 100 top Chicago and Midwest artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.

Why Six Weeks for a Bar of Soap?
The Soap Bar - Thank You
Design – Every ingredient, scent and visual design is perfected in advance, with inspiration coming from things like nature, bakeries, color wheels, paintings, and more. Designing soap requires much planning and forward thinking because of the time it takes to actually make it
Create – Soap is made by the combination of fats (oils) and sodium hydroxide. (The sodium hydroxide molecules bind with the fat molecules to create soap, so there is NO sodium hydroxide left in the final product.) Soap batter starts out as a thin pudding and it will thicken over time. Using the consistency and thickness of the batter to her advantage, this is the stage where Chelsea incorporates fragrances, fun designs and patterns. The batter is then poured into molds.
The Soap Bar - Dishwashing Soap
Wait – After 24 hours, Chelsea removes the soap from the molds and slices it into individual bars using either a knife or wire cutter. The soap is then placed on a tray where it will sit to cure for four to six weeks. The cure time is essential to getting a hard bar of soap that lathers well.
Package – After the waiting is finally over, The Soap.Bar soaps are “beautified” with beveling the edges and adding the finishing decorative touches before the soap bars are wrapped in paper.

About the Artisan:
Chelsea Medic, maker and founder of The Soap.Bar, started her company on the west coast before recently relocating to Chicago. Making soap has been the perfect stress reliever and a fantastic way for Chelsea to express her creative side. She loves taking something as simple and practical as soap and turning it into something that is fun, interesting and visually appealing.

The Soap.Bar
Chicago, IL
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