Smoky Joe’s Clothing

Smoky Joe’s Clothing started as a pushcart on Chicago’s Maxwell Street by Russian immigrant Joseph Bublick. Joe and wife Esther, both tailors, cut and sewed sheepskin vests which they sold to Chicagoans in the cold winter. As sales increased, they opened a retail store and Smoky Joe’s came to life.

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The business grew to a chain of 3 stores. Morry, who was known as Smoky and Equire Willie, originated The Zoot Suit, Mr. B. collars, and reverse pleated slacks. Famous entertainers, including Sammy Davis Jr., James Brown and Smokey Robinson, became regular customers. The Jackson Five, who grew up in nearby Gary, Indiana purchased their suits at Smoky Joe’s, and from time to time sang and danced in the lobby, too.

Today the Smoky Joe’s tradition is being carried on by Beth Stern Omans, who is married to Morrie’s 1st grandson, Steve Omans.

Proudly made in the USA, Smoky Joe’s Clothing manufacturers smoking jackets for men, women and dogs which can be purchased online.

More more information, call Smoky Joe’s Clothing at 773.998.2181

Smoky Joe’s Clothing
333 W. Ohio St., S10
Chicago, IL 60654
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