Shady Dan’s Hot Sauce: Chicago-made, Small-batch, Gluten-free

Food science on fire

Shady Dan's Hot Sauce at Chicago Artisan Market

Shady Dan’s Hot Sauce, from founder Adam Jakush, is locally-made, vegan hot sauce in three original flavors that vary in heat level. All bring the bold and delicious flavors that are guaranteed to make your tongue happy.

Shop and support Shady Dan’s Hot Sauce at the Chicago Artisan Market in Fulton Market on Sunday, October 17, 2021 at Morgan MFG (401 N. Morgan St., Chicago). Discover 100 top Chicago and Midwest artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.

The hot sauce line-up:
Chili’s Last Stand – Made with red chilies, this flagship sauce is the one that started it all. It captures the essence of an everyday hot sauce while still bringing a wonderfully unique flavor to the table. This vegan and gluten-free sauce is very versatile and at a 4/10 heat level, it can be used on anything from breakfast dishes, to pasta, pizza, and meats or roasted veggies.
Hab Country – As per its name, this sauce is made with a velvety blend of habanero peppers and other complimentary veggies. But don’t let its creaminess trick you – it does pack a punch! At a 6/10 heat level, this is the hottest vegan and gluten-free recipe. Enjoy this sauce on anything you want to add a nice little kick to. (Especially good on eggs.)
Little Shady’s – Made with green chili peppers that have a little bit of a sweeter side, this one is the mildest sauce. At a 2/10 heat level, this sauce brings very little heat, but a whole lot of flavor. Just like the rest of the sauces, it tastes good with just about anything. Even the kids will love this little guy.

All three of the family secret recipe sauces are hand-made with precision and care in Illinois. It’s all about adding flavor to the food with so much onions, carrots, and garlic … along with the peppers, of course.

About the Artisan:
A family heirloom recipe, Adam Jakush’s father began working on this recipe in the 1970s at a family farm in southeastern Wisconsin. He was a MIT chemical engineer (thus, the tagline “Food Science On Fire”) and also a chef of sorts who spent countless nights discovering the ways of the Shady. It was perfected over the years and Adam promised his father, before his passing in 2015, to one day commercialize his products, for others to enjoy the amazing taste of Shady Dan’s Hot Sauce.

Shady Dan’s Hot Sauce
Evanston, IL
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