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Selleria Veneta

Selleria Veneta’s mission is to bring handbags and accessories of hand-selected, luxury Italian fashion, craftmanship and style to the North America Market. “Made in Italy” is a trademark synonymous of tradition, unique quality and design.

We are excited feature Selleria Veneta at the Chicago Artisan Market at Morgan Manufacturing (401 N. Morgan St., Chicago) on Sunday, September 16, 2018 (10am-4pm) along with Chicago’s finest artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.

The carefully chosen design houses carried by Selleria Veneta include:
Selleria VenetaQuarzovivo – Luxury, Elegance and Creativity are the foundation for this collection. This line of products are all identifiable with a pendent quartz stone that is on each bag. Quartz, is a symbol of unique energy, like the woman that will choose this collection.
Luca Giardini – Full of color and elegance, made with a small Italian boutique feel.
Pelletteria Veneta – Craftsmanship, heritage and regional history, these products follow leather working tradition accompanied by fashion culture and modern design.Selleria Veneta


DalaLeo – Getting inspiration from the pureness of lines and from a certain minimalism, this line will take some liberties from this path with results that are linear and others with more classical lines.
Roberto Mantellassi – Accessories made from high quality traditional, exotic leathers, and new eco-friendly materials. All enriched by original accessories in stainless steel or other alloy plated Rhodium, Ruthenium and Gold, harmoniously combined with studs, pearls or Swarovski crystals.

To view the beautiful collections for purchase, please visit their website.

All Selleria Veneta products are hands selected by characteristics of unique, exclusive design and material. Each handbag and accessory selected for Selleria Veneta’s collections, tell a story of an exclusive Italian craftsmanship and sophisticate design.

Their concept is to empower their clients to express themselves and become fashionable trendsetters. By adding a Selleria Veneta handbag to your collection of well known brands, you can customize your look and create your own Italian story.

Selleria Veneta
Why “Made in Italy”?
Even before the Renaissance of the 16th century, the medieval Italian craft guilds were renowned all over Europe for their luxury goods, especially in the field of textiles, finely worked precious metals, jewelry and leather. During the Renaissance, Italy emerged as the center of a new wave of creativity, art, architecture, writing and philosophy and its artisans became master craftsmen and artists in their own right, as the demand for luxury goods and personally commissioned works of art grew ever greater.

Today Italian fashion houses hold their own, as do the small and medium companies that continue Italy’s longstanding tradition of producing quality craftsmanship and luxury goods. Italian style, innovation and creativity are the qualities that give the “Made in Italy” label a leading edge in the competitive world market.

Chicago Artisan Market – 100+ Vendors at Morgan Manufacturing