Sassoon Salon

Located on Chicago’s Michigan Ave. & in the northern suburb of Northbrook, Sassoon Salon will give you an effortlessly sophisticated look.

Every Sassoon cut and colour is a living and growing embodiment of the Sassoon philosophy: to work with hair in its natural state, to treat hair as organic material, to shape and balance hair to reflect the individual and reveal their beauty.

To realize this philosophy, Sassoon believes that true technical craft is required to deliver hair that has structure and movement, in forms that appear effortless but are intently considered.

The superfluous is stripped away to expose Sassoons style – a decisiveness of cut and colour that is technically precise, easy to maintain and flawlessly chic.

What is revealed is a perfectly tailored cut that shines as it moves with believably natural iridescent colour, an effortlessly sophisticated look of cool glamour and relaxed chic.

Its less is more made real, unaffected, subtly innovative. Hair that naturally looks good.

Sassoon Salon carries Kerastase products.

For more information, please call the Chicago salon at 312-751-2216 or the Northbrook Court salon at 847-498-4646.

Sassoon Salon
835 N. Michigan Ave., 3rd Fl. (Water Tower Pl.)
Chicago, IL 60611
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