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RYE + WILLIAMS Creative Group improves the way we live by designing, developing and hand making sophisticated outerwear and accessories infused with unlimited functionality, smart-tailored sizing and situational adaptability.

Meet & shop with RYE + WILLIAMS at the Holiday edition of the Chicago Artisan Market on Sunday, December 1, 2019 (10am-4pm) at Morgan MFG (401 N. Morgan St.). Discover 100+ top Chicago & Midwest artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.

Most sophisticated fashion houses are unrestricted creatively but offer little functional benefit. On the other hand, functional garments have been designed to fit a rigid structure that stifles artistry. Creating harmony between these two diametrically opposed approaches is very challenging. RYE + WILLIAMS overcomes this challenge by starting from scratch, simultaneously designing for both enlightened beauty and modern utility.

RYE + WILLIAMSUnlimited Functionality
Large Versatility Pockets – Two large pockets on all outwear garments that can hold large, awkward items like a 1L water bottle, 25 oz. thermos or a 13″ laptop.
Discreet Secure Pockets – At least two hidden zipper pockets on all outerwear garments.
Adaptive Collar – Elastic loops on the interior and exterior stretch to hold anything from a scarf to a neck pillow.

Smart-tailored Sizing
Adjustable Sleeve Lengths – Sleeves and cuffs are shaped and styled to enable unencumbered folding and seamless, disguised adjustments. The same garment can fit people who range up to eight inches in height or wingspan difference.
Smart Cinching – Waistline can be adjusted to fit to further add a tailored appearance.

Situational Adaptability
RYE + WILLIAMSTemperature Control Vents – Mesh vents prevent overheating by allowing a controlled amount of circulation, adjusted by opening of closing zippered covers.
Attach/Detach Layers – Zip together to make two jackets become one incredibly warm coat or unzip to wear each separately.
Access Features – Weather-safe zippered openings on the outside of the garment allows direct access to the inside. The passthrough placement is specifically designed to provide perfect access to interior or coat liner pockets.
Convertible Hood – The hood collapses completely into a collar or in half to protect your neck and ears, without flattening hair.

Clothes are the one thing that we touch from moments after birth until we are buried in the ground … they’re ubiquitous, yet highly personal and individualized. Rye Williams loves to create, and clothes were the only that that he kept going back to as the clothes he wanted didn’t exist.

“Fashion for everywear” means that your clothes should not only help you express your identity, but also ensure that you’re ready for anything. RYE + WILLIAMS does exactly that.

A message from founder, Rye Williams:
“If you think about it … phones, cars and computers have all gotten better over time,. These things help us live our lives in a more seamless way. The fashion industry has not innovated in decades, Why is everything around us getting smarter except the items we never leave home without? I am replacing archaic styles with modern design. It is time.”
~ Rye Williams

Chicago, IL
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