Rejuven8 Bites – Paleo Friendly Superfood Snack

Do MORE for your body with each bite and treat your taste buds

Rejuven8 Bites

Rejuven8 Bites were created by celebrity personal Chef Shauna Shaik and sports medicine doctor Jason Jared. Rejuven8 Bites are among the most indulgent (and delicious) superfood collagen bites available that are made with eight clean and powerful ingredients including collagen hemp and chia. They also contain 13 grams of protein to sustain you on the go.

Sample & shop with Rejuven8 Bites at Resolutions 2019 at the W Chicago ? City Center on Friday, January 18, 2019 and indulge in tasty superfood snacking.

Get all the benefits of a protein bar, superfood snack and collagen with the indulgent experience of a treat! Enjoy the clean, nutrient dense, protein-packed superfood bites pre/post workout, as an on-the-go breakfast or snack. Made with simple, real food ingredients, these bites are chef and doctor crafted for the winning combination of craveable flavor and powerful functional nutrition your body needs.

They are superior to the traditional, overly processed protein and energy bars and bites that claim to be natural. At Rejuven8, they believe that your body and taste buds deserve more and you should expect more from your on the go healthy snacking experience.

Rejuven8 BitesPopular Flavors:
? Almond Butter Cherry: Boost metabolism. Anti-inflammatory with hazelnuts and cherries.
? Mmmocha: Boost performance. Anti-inflammatory with espresso and cacao.
? Island Raspberry: Detoxify. Anti-inflammatory with cardamom and real raspberries.

All flavors contain collagen, hemp seed, chia seed, almonds, dates and coconut.

Choose Rejuven8 Bites:
? Powerful functional nutrition: More benefits for the body than other products on the market.
? Higher quality protein and whole food ingredients: Their proprietary blend of collagen, hemp and chia is a better source and more nutrient dense form of protein.
? Egg free: Egg white protein powder can cause bloating, as many people are sensitive or allergic to egg white protein. Avoiding egg whites is a trend that Chef Shauna saw with the celebrities and professional athletes she has worked with.
? Tastes indulgent, like eating gourmet food: Not having the protein or sweetener after taste is very unique to Rejuven8. Their belief is that to successfully sustain a fit and healthy lifestyle, the feeling of indulgence and enjoyment MUST be part of the eating experience. They want you to treat yourself and indulge in a healthy, nutrient dense and clean way.
? Balanced with healthy Omega Fats: Healthy fats are essential to regular metabolism as they facilitate the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and satiate appetite.
? Convenient to eat, on-the-go snack in a fun bite format in a re-sealable bag

Get more in each bite:
? 13g Protein per serving (5 bites)
? No extracts, only real whole food ingredients
? No artificial flavors
? No added sugar or sugar alcohols
? Paleo
? Egg, dairy soy free
? Gluten grain & whey free
? Grounded in Chef quality indulgent flavor and sports doctor approved functional nutrition

Rejuven8 Bites
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