Regulate your Body Temperature with Nudy Patooty


Sweating is a natural and healthy way for your body to regulate its temperature. ?That?s all well and good when you’re in the gym or working outside in the garden. ?But for me, sporting rings around my armpits in the office or sharing an aroma of stinky sweaty girl at one of our events doesn?t exactly fit the image I?m going for.

Usually, I try to wear a t-shirt to protect my clothes?from body odor. ?Like anything else in life though t-shirts have a downside – they can be bulky and show through your clothes. Even worse, when my hormones are out of whack a t-shirt doesn?t always stop the sweat from penetrating my outer layer of clothing.? This is just something I have had to live with – until recently.

Thank you to the folks at Nudy Patooty who sent me a sample of their life-changing Nudy Patooty undershirt. ?I like that they provide a little extra padding under the arm pit. ?The lightweight fabric wicks and absorbs moisture away from arm pits and other areas. ?The comfy (and breathable) organic bamboo fabric and body-slimming features (no more bulk or unwanted lines) are bonus features. ?It’s also machine washable.

Here’s how the experts at Nudy Patooty describe it:

Nudy?Patooty?is a line of high-tech tailored undershirts for women that tackles the problem of sweat stains, pit on (PUN intended!) for any body and taste. Worn inconspicuously under lightweight fabrics, it boasts Dual Dry technology to wick away sweat under the arms so stains don?t happen! It even regulates body temperature with ultra-soft bamboo fabric that is also certified organic.” ?– Nudy Patooty

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