Just arrived: Puretergent is a new laundry detergent that will change your definition of clean.

Puretergent’s petroleum-free formula leaves clothes feeling soft and cotton-fresh without any residue or toxins.

Puretergent uses a color-coding system to address specific laundry needs.

Puretergent formulas include:
Gentle (yellow): With aloe vera, this laundry detergent works well for those with sensitive skin. Use this for delicate fabrics, such as wool and silk.
Calm (purple): Lavender essential oils calm while protecting colors. Use calm to wash your
darks, leggings, sweaters, and jeans.
Fresh (blue): Fresh is perfect for your whites. It uses eucalyptus essential oils
to rid your clothes of stains and dirt.

About Puretergent:

Julia Fry, a fashion designer, was tired of her fabrics becoming stiff and faded after just one wash. Using what she knew about French laundry techniques, Julia created a hybrid detergent that uses old fashion gentle formulas combined with modern green technology.

Puretergent is a natural detergent that is designed to protect fabrics. Puretergent washes out stains, not style.

Puretergent packaging makes it possible to get every last drop of detergent. The plastic packaging uses 8 times less plastic and releases 9 times fewer emissions than a rigid bottle during manufacturing.

Puretergent is available in Chicago at Jewel-Osco. For more stores,
please visit www.puretergent.com.

2247 5th St.
Berkeley, CA 94710

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