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Prevail Jerky

Prevail Jerky is committed to making clean, on-the-go eating as accessible and delicious as possible. That’s why they craft Prevail Jerky with you in mind. For the health-conscious snacker, each batch of jerky is made with only the best cuts of meat, allergy-friendly ingredients, and a serious love for jerky.

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Prevail JerkySample & shop these four flavors:
• Original
• Spicy
• Lemongrass
• Umami

Prevail Jerky didn’t invent healthy beef jerky – they reinvented it. Each impossibly tender bite is packed with flavor, smoked to perfection and leaves you craving more. Whether you’re a jerky lover or just jerky-curious, Prevail is made for health conscious snackers of all kinds. They are also Paleo, Keto and Gluten Free Certified.

The jerky is made in small batches with compromising – never sacrificing taste for convenience and taking great pride in crafting a product that’s bold but clean, healthy but never boring. Their mission is simple: To create a snack that’s as pure as it is tasty.

The special recipes used include unique ingredients like matcha and cardamom to make Prevail unlike any jerky you’ve ever tried. From grass-fed and finished beef to authentic cherry wood smoke, every detail matters. What Prevail doesn’t put into their jerky is just as important as what they do! Prevail Jerky never contains soy, cane sugar or any extra junk.

Why Prevail Jerky?
The story behind Prevail Jerky began in 2004 when Glen’s wife was diagnosed with celiac disease. Her diagnosis forever changed how their family ate, shopped, and lived (for the better).

Up until the last few years, it proved very difficult to find clean, healthy snacks where they didn’t have to compromise on flavor. Jerky, a family favorite, was no exception. It was impossible to find a product without soy, cane sugar, or other preservatives the family was trying to avoid. Did you know most jerky brands don’t even use real smoke?! Needless to say, when label watching for allergy concerns, Glen was coming up short – and hungry. So, he decided to make his own.

Since then, Glen has been passionately dedicated to making a product that is truly Paleo, but more importantly, that tastes delicious. Glen truly believe it’s the unparalleled taste and texture that sets Prevail Jerky apart. Glen is confident that when people say they don’t like jerky, they’ve just never tried Prevail.

Prevail Jerky
Chicago, IL
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Prevail Jerky