PrendaBella – Sustainable Fashion from Latin America

Bold designs - superior craftsmanship

PrendaBella is a luxury fashion boutique featuring unique, handmade jewelry and handbags from innovative Latin American designers. PrendaBella makes it possible to showcase the artist’s talent and make their creations accessible to the international market.

All the designs are crafted by local artisans that benefit from training and fair wages to improve their communities while at the same time working with creative talent to produce unique, quality pieces. Ancient techniques are used in the creations in combination with modern designs.

We are happy to welcome PrendaBella, along with 100 of the Midwest?s finest artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art, to the Chicago Artisan Market at Morgan MFG (401 N. Morgan St., Chicago) on Sunday, July 21, 2019 from 10am-4pm.

Elegant and timeless, there’s nothing like a leather handbag to elevate your wardrobe. With the addition of quilting or patterned texture, these unique, handmade designs stand out in a crowd.

Glass beads with gold-plated accents evoking jungle flora and fauna bring these designs to life. Handcrafted in limited quantities using ancient indigenous Colombian techniques combined with contemporary jewelry design in a socially conscious, sustainable manner, these pieces are made to last.

Hand woven using the fibers of plants native to Colombia, these handbags are embellished with floral or animal patterns and accented with leather, beads or metal. Bold colors and designs add intrigue, and can be styled for both casual and evening looks.

PrendaBellaHow it all began:
Growing up in Puerto Rico, all of Lissette Cortes Lade’s clothing was handmade by her mother. She has many fond childhood memories of helping her choose all the fabrics, trims and accessories that went into the clothing that her mother created for the family. This foundation of family life sparked an early interest in handmade fashion and an appreciation for the craft and culture involved in the creation of the individual wardrobe.

The seed of inspiration for this boutique was planted during a recent trip to Colombia, where Lissette discovered a thriving community of local fashion designers creating extraordinary pieces, but their unique style was largely unknown in the United States. A bit more research uncovered a wealth of ideas and creations in many countries throughout the whole of Latin America. Many of these designers utilize ideas from their own country?s artisan traditions, contributing to their preservation and the economic growth of their communities.

PrendaBella is honored to showcase these designers in their online boutique and to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy these ?articles of clothing,? as the Spanish word ?prenda? suggests. PrendaBrella, a family run business, is always working to bring the best quality accessories from Latin America to your doorstep.

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