Introducing Pomega5, the very first line of pure and organic skincare that feeds and nourishes the body and skin – from the outside in!

Pomega5’s skincare products have harnessed the power of Omega 3, 5, and 9 fatty acids to repair, revitalize, and regenerate the skin. All Pomega5 products combine fatty acids with botanical extracts, essential oils and minerals to create an all-natural skin regimen like none other before.

Pomega5’s unique products are 100% natural and contain no synthetics, fragrances or dyes – and are made to order.

Find your perfect skin care routine with Pomega5’s Skin Regimen Matrix.

All Pomega5 products are Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Pomega5’s soaps, cleansers, moisturizers and more not only treat the skin with some of the best ingredients found in nature, they look, feel, and smell great as well!

Pomega5 Offers Products Specialized To Address:
& more!

Whatever your skin craves, Pomega5 has the best ingredients to help.

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About Pomega5:

Always fascinated with the world or botanicals, Pomega5 creator and founder Tzeira Sofer drew on her training as a nutritionist and her love for natural ingredients to develope her own creams based on the inate healing qualities in pomegranate oil – a secret she discovered in her wellness clinic.

After sharing her products and philosophy with friends, Sofer moved her production from kitchen to lab to develop a full line of of green skin care products from the secret healing ingredient in pomegranite oil – Omega 5.

Pomega5 has the highest commitment to staying green by sourcing nearly 100% of ingredients from organically farmed land, manufacturing completely at a certified green lab, and using 100% recyclable packaging.

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