Pegasus – Greek Restaurant

Pegasus isn’t your fake, want-to-be Greek restaurant. The recipes on the menu are comprised of Mediterranean cooking passed on for generations. Authenticity, love, and giant Greek flavors are cooked into every dish, and will satisfy any appetite.

Their philosophy is that they enjoy food and the company of people, and the marriage of both of those elements provides great satisfaction. You will be treated as if you were family, and experience nothing but outstanding service and hospitality.

When the weather cooperates, you can experience the beautiful night sky and the unobstructed Eastern views of Chicago’s breathtaking skyline on the Pegasus rooftop. This veranda dining  is one of the top in Chicago.

The restaurant is tucked away in the heart of Chicago’s Greektown neighborhood. They opened their doors in 1990 and their main goal from the beginning was to educate their diners about the delights of Greek cuisine.

It is a common misconception that Greek cuisine is unhealthy, but today that perception has changed. Many ingredients that are used everyday in thier kitchen, such as extra-virgin olive oil, seafood and plant-based food provide many health benefits for diners.

The Restaurant is a subtle reminder of how powerful and pleasing good food and great company can truly be.

130 S. Halsted St.
Chicago, IL 60606
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