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Omaura Skin

Extracting Mother Nature’s botanicals and combining it with science, Omaura Skin focuses on concentrated, organic skincare that your skin craves. Their unique formulas are highly effective and healthy for the body and mind. The products are 100% pure, free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances and fillers. Every ingredient is active, highly concentrated and nutrient-rich, yet gentle enough for all sensitive skin.

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Their mission is simple: to evolutionize better beauty through conscious skin care rituals by delivering the most beautiful and radiant skin, while being safe for the body, mind and environment.

The Omaura Skin line includes:
Omaura Skin? ZEN Beauty – serum or balm with unrefined, organic oils (argan and hemp seed) that help balance the pH levels of every skin type
? Vibe Body Butters – luxurious, ultra-hydrating whipped body butter available in six scents
? Raw Therapeutic – botanical-based cream infused with a therapeutic, proprietary blend of tea tree, clove, lavender and frankincense essential oils
? Bath Soak – high-grade coarse Dead Sea salt, coarse Himalayan salt and organic dried rose petals, infused with lavender, clary sage & cedar wood essential oils

Omaura Skin is an ingredient-focused brand, dedicated to creating optimal effectiveness with all their products. They pay tribute to the raw power of each and every ingredient believing that science and botanical innovations lead to optimal results without compromising health.

As you detox and nurture the outer and inner structure of the body and feed the best nutrients to the cellular structure of the body, it will help induce the healthiest and most radiant skin while accentuating the inner beauty. The Omaura Skin products are handcrafted with loving energy in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

Omaura Skin isn’t just skincare, it is a way of life for a thriving Zen lifestyle.

Omaura Skin
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