Olivaceto – Artisan Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars

77 S. La Grange Rd., La Grange, IL 60525


Olivaceto is a woman-owned tasting bar in downtown LaGrange, IL featuring over 55 different flavors of artisan oils and balsamic vinegars that are non-GMO, organic, Kosher and gluten-free.

Olivaceto stocks Ultra Premium Olive Oil which exceeds world standards for olive oil quality. It is the freshest and finest olive oil in the world today.

We are excited to welcome Olivaceto to the Chicago Artisan Market on Sunday, March 8, 2020 at Morgan MFG (401 N. Morgan St., Chicago). Discover 100+ top Chicago & Midwest artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.

OlivacetoThe Olivaceto label also -carries:
Fused & Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils – Basil, Cilantro-Roasted Onion, Lime, Blood Orange, Harissa, Butter, Rosemary
Specialty Gourmet Oils – Roasted Almond, Dark Toasted Sesame, White Truffle, Black Truffle,
Balsamic Vinegars – Traditional, Fig, Peach, Black Cherry, Lavendar, Pure Maple, Honey Ginger, Espresso, Coconut, Cinnamon Pear

Cold-pressed extra virgin is the top grade of olive oils. This means it has been extracted from the olives by mechanical or other physical means, without heat, steam or water. The oil is evaluated and deemed the best for taste, flavor and aroma.

Olive Oil Tips:
The Color – Judging an oil is not all that different from tasting wine. Pour some into a glass and hold it to the light. Most high-quality oils have a green-golden color. This is a sign of healthy-giving antioxidants such as beta-carotene.
The Aroma – Take a sample of Ultra Premium Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and sniff deeply. The aroma of the best oils should contain hints of flowers, citrus or other fruits, and a touch of nuttiness and grassiness.
The Taste – Take a sip of olive oil. Roll it around your mouth and over your tongue. Rate the oil for pepperiness and bitterness. If it lightly burns your throat, that’s often a sign of good quality.

77 S. La Grange Rd.
La Grange, IL 60525
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