MudLrk – Shiitake Mushroom Chips & Jackfruit Chips

Crafting remarkable & delicious snacks


MudLrk, founded by Trace Ostergren, produces whole shiitake mushroom and jackfruit chip snacks. They are preservative-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, high in natural fiber and protein and sustainably grown and sourced.

Meet & shop with MudLrk at the Holiday edition of the Chicago Artisan Market at Morgan MFG (401 N. Morgan St., Chicago) on Sunday, December 1, 2019 (10am-4pm).  Discover 100+ top Chicago & Midwest artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.

Founded by a desire to eat more plants/fungi, and inspire environmental, design and food innovation, MudLrk scavenges the world to craft products around these key attributes. The shiitake mushrooms are sustainably grown in southern China, cleaned and cooked, then shipped to Indiana for seasoning and final packaging.

MudLrk Shiitake Mushroom Chips flavors include:
? Ranch
? Sriracha
? Kansas City BBQ

MudLrkWhy Mushrooms?
MudLrk believes mushrooms are a power-house food. Mushrooms are neither plant nor animal, but belong to the kingdom of Fungi. Shiitakes, one of more than 10,000 mushroom species, have been particularly praised for thousands of years across Asia and used for their potential medicinal benefits. The MudLrk whole, crunchy shiitake mushroom chips are high in fiber, cholesterol-free and are a natural source for the minerals copper, iron and selenium.

Shiitake mushrooms, widely known for their health benefits in Asian cultures, were discovered in China over 3,500 years ago. MudLrk scavenges for quality shiitakes, low-temperature fries them, adds kickin’ seasoning blends, then bags the chips with non-petroleum compostable materials.

Why Jackfruit?
The baked JAKFRUT chips come from fresh jackfruit, which grow on trees predominately found in Southeast Asia. They harvest the fruit by hand, clean and bake them, then package the jackfruit for consumption. One jackfruit tree can produce as much as 200 jackfruit per year, with each jackfruit weighing up to 100 pounds! It?s considered to be the largest fruit in the world and packed full vitamins and minerals. The jackfruit tree is robust, resistant to drought and heat, and its high-yielding characteristics allow it to be an incredibly versatile and sustainable food product.

MudLrkHow it all began:
The founder, Trace Ostergren first ventured to China when he was 15 years old to attend school. He traveled extensively throughout Asia and his life experiences proved to have profound effects on his interest in health and sustainability. Although many ideas were attempted prior to MudLrk (pronounced Mud-Lark), Trace is confident that this brand and its products most exemplify his goals and beliefs: to create remarkable food products that are beautifully crafted, good for you and good for our planet.

Chicago, IL
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