Moka Gallery

Moka Gallery was initially established as an online gallery providing international exposure and representation of our artists. Today Moka Gallery is located in the heart of the Chicago s Arts District. The gallery represents the artwork of established and upcoming artists from around the world.

Moka Gallery features an eclectic mixture of styles and subject matter reflecting the diverse spectrum of artistic expression across the globe. One of the key objectives of Moka Gallery is the access to unique and original artwork.

They offer Chicago a diverse representation of art with exhibits and art show openings every two weeks. “There is art for everybody and we know that every piece of art has its owner. The art gallery business is pretty much like matchmaking and finding the right pair is not always an easy task but we always find what our clients are looking for” says its owner Jhonmar Castillo.

For more information, call 773.841.8838.

Moka Gallery
2112 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618