Mojo Owl – Gemstones for Luck, Love and Fortune

Beautiful jewelry with powerful healing vibes

Mojo Owl - Blue Drop Earrings

Mojo Owl by artist-owner Nors Beatriz creates handmade, gemstone jewelry with meaning. Each stone has a unique personality and has energy based on its mineral property and color. Just like people, no two are ever the same.

Each raw gemstone is made into specific jewelry based on it’s composition. Mojo Owl is adept at matching people with the best stones for custom orders and the designer tries to pick the stones based on the client’s astrology or energy needs.

We are excited to be featuring Mojo Owl along with Chicago?s finest artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art at the Chicago Artisan Market at Morgan Manufacturing (401 N. Morgan St., Chicago) on Sunday, September 16, 2018 from 10am-4pm.

Most of Mojo Owl’s work is focused on small pieces that are hand done without machines other then the drilling. You can’t rush the drill or it could break the stone. Nors believes that stones are like people… they do better when you give them your undivided attention.

All the stones used are cleaned and given “reiki” energy over a period of months to allow them to gather moon and sun energy before they are used.

About the owner and designer:
Nors Beatriz, the artist and owner of Mojo Owl, loves owls and making things. Gems, raw stones and tiny small things are her obsession. She loves creating things based on meaning and color. She is also an Intuitive and a healer and owns NowStudio, where she does alternative healing therapies. Color is often helpful in the healing process and her creative hobby as led her to spread her wings in designing everyday pieces.

Please visit the website to learn more about the gemstone jewelry.

Chicago Artisan Market – 100+ Vendors at Morgan Manufacturing