Modest Coffee – Ethically Sourced, Locally Roasted Beans

Roasted in small batches

Modest Coffee

Modest Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster with sourcing practices that make a difference in the world. The roastery is located in West Chicago where they focus on single origin coffee beans.

Enjoy fresh-roasted and brewed coffee from Modest Coffee at the Chicago Artisan Market on Sunday, July 21, 2019 from 10am-4pm at Morgan MFG (401 N. Morgan St.), where they will join 100+ top artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.

Modest CoffeeIn addition to selling bags of coffee beans, Modest Coffee offers a coffee subscription:

? $13 for the Modest Subscription – Excellent quality, delicious coffee.

? $15 for the Enthusiast Subscription – Exceptional quality, the gourmet option.

? $18 for the Collector Subscription – Rare, unusual, and limited coffees.


All bags are 12 oz.  Shipping only $1 (or free on orders over $35)

The volatile chemicals in coffee beans starts to break down within minutes of grinding, so Modest Coffee sells bags of whole coffee beans, and encourages customers to grind the beans just before brewing.

The Modest Coffee beans are different from the big box coffee shops because each region, farm and harvest supplying the beans makes a totally unique tasting experience.

They only source beans that they can trace back to the families, regions and farms that produced them. They pay a premium for beans that originate from farms that adhere to better farming practices, but this method is better for the farmer, better for the environment and produces a better cup of coffee.

Modest CoffeeBe sure to look for Modest Coffee Single Origin Cold Brewed Coffee at your local grocery store. The cold brew is brewed overnight in a refrigerator, super filtered, and then bottled and ready for your consumption. Brewing the grounds cold brings out less acidity and creates a coffee that is super smooth and easy to drink.

How it all began:
Modest Coffee is the creation of husband and wife duo, Marcus and Jenni Contaldo. While officially established in October 2013, its story began much earlier at a little farmer?s market in Brookfield, IL. This is where Marcus and Jenni got their first taste of fresh roasted, specialty coffee and returned each Saturday to buy more.

Once winter came, they lost touch with their beloved coffee roaster so Marcus, armed with master-level Google skills, decided to figure out how to do it himself. They hit the thrift stores in search of the perfect popcorn popper to use for roasting and a new hobby began. Marcus found he really enjoyed learning about the different regions, their inherent flavor profiles, and the challenge of roasting them well. Soon he had friends, family and co-workers asking him for coffee, roasted in 1/3 lb batches on a vintage Westbend Poppery. From there, they’ve grown Modest into a thriving business.

Why coffee?
Marcus was raised in a foodie home.  His dad was both an Italian chef and an entrepreneur, and this inspired his love for cooking and a desire to own his own business. Roasting coffee and cooking go hand in hand ? both require a good palate, a sensitive nose, and a considerable dose of intuition. Coffee roasting is a creative outlet for Marcus and he feels lucky to support his family doing something he enjoys.

Jenni?s passion is for people and their stories. If she could have her own way, she?d be living in another country, learning about others and doing something helpful. BUT Jenni is also bossy, likes to be in control, and can?t live without a morning cup of coffee, so managing the business aspects of Modest Coffee is also satisfying. Always fond of math, problem solving, and organization, Jenni runs a tight ship and keeps everything square.

About Marcus and Jenni:
Marcus and Jenni reside in an old Victorian home that they are restoring in the western suburbs of Chicago. They have 3 girls, 3 black cats and 2 dogs whom you sometimes see featured on Modest Coffee?s social media accounts. They love to create, learn and tinker. People say they have boundless energy, but really they?re just working hard now so they can relax later. Although, an endless supply of coffee helps.

Modest Coffee
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